BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live

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I was happy to be part of such an interesting panel on Radio 4’s Saturday Live on 6th June. here>

I’d loved the episode Alabama / Georgia episode I watched of Reginald D Hunter’s Songs from the South series, which was beautiful so it was lovely to hear him talk about this, his current tour and the power of language and banned words.
Writer and author Andre Anderson inspired me. He has created a book featuring 6 writers from his local area (St Raphael estate), printed 1,000 copies and have them to local residents. He sees books as passports that have enabled him to travel so he wanted to do the same for others. He’s a brilliant example of someone having an idea and realising it. Also there was a generosity about his approach that made me think differently about how I might approach future projects.

Jake McGowan-Lowe is a bone collector and young naturalist. He’s 13, has a book out called Jake’s Bones plus he really knows his stuff.

Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles were the fabulous hosts.