The One Show

Juliet discusses auto-tune and David Bowie

Earth Meets Sky project.
Juliet Russell

Songwriting project with young people as part of the Earth meets Sky tour. This involved working with various community groups around the country to involve local people on each gig that Juliet did. In particular she looked at working withgroup who were often overlooked for things like this.

Recording tips
Voice Council UK

Juliet Russell tells us some useful recording tips.

Five vocal effects
Voice council uk

Juliet Russell tells us about five common vocal effects used in recording and their application.

Juliet Russell

Lazy is a fantasy antidote to a busy life. A woman decides that her life can do without her for one day. Her bed transports her to a magical river, surrounded by singing flowers, birds, butterflies and jumping fish. An old style cut out animation turning into a psychedelic fantasy. Directed by Ayala Sharot..

Gareth Malone - Boys Don't Sing
Sense of Sound

Showing boys that singing can be cool.

Media Projects

Channel 4 Comedy Gala

In aid of Great Ormond street childrens hospital

Bill Bailey

Preparation for Qualmpeddler tour and choir MD for Larks in Transit London shows

Festival No 6

Singing masterclasses for Festival Number 6 looking at icons such as Bowie and Prince.

First Dates

Assemble Choir bringing the love to First Dates Christmas Special!

Abbey Road

Me on my way to my cleaning job. x

Voice Box for Barbican

Voice Box - a portable karaoke booth I designed for the Barbican and Sense of Sound. It was decorated by artist Tom Bennet and children from City of London Academy, and built by Management and Design.


A compilation I'm on

Ultimate Guide to Singing

A book I contributed to.